Gout Stupidity

In early October the Colbert Report had a clip of two CNN employees talking about Kim Jong-Un. Apparently he has gout. So CNN guy says “which is caused by too much booze and rich food”. WTF? Thanks for that breaking news: from the 18th century! Gout, which is very painful, is uric acid crystals forming in the synovial sac of fluid inside your big toe joint. Synovial sacs are part of joints. What makes the crystals is some screwup in a complex chain of biochemical steps. (We are made of biochemical steps.) What you eat has sweet FA to do with it. In fact what you eat, unless you eat poison, has nothing to do with any disease. Booze, which is a poison, can damage your liver. It doesn’t damage your big toe.

So, Colbert? Nothing to report. CNN? Get it together. Don’t have reporters freelancing medical BS on the air!!! Kim Jong-Un? Couldn’t happen to a nicer dictator.


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10/28/2014 · 9:35 pm

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