Glenn Greenwald and the hierophants of an alternate imperialism

This kicks ass. “Inverser Imperialism”, this fellow’s term for when I call The Third World Ideology. So another reblog about that phenomenon of wanting to squeeze every political thing into the rubric of “anti-imperialism”. A very throwback to the 1970s thing. That like toe socks we should abandon.

Politics ad Infinitum

A set of attacks happen in close proximity to your neighbourhood, and initially your response is emotive. Initially emotive and then analytical. You try to adduce from these attacks the reasoning that underpins them. You try to explain the casus belli of these horrendous atrocities. In reaction to the mainstream declaration that these admittedly atrocious acts are “acts of terror”, you investigate the meaning of the word ‘terror’- its functional significance. As a righteous opponent of the establishment, you feel obligated in trying to understand the intentions of these acts. This, in reaction to the establishment’s pronouncement that these acts are the acts of primitive, unconscionably savage bedouins. You side with the oppressed in reaction against their oppressors, you understand their reaction to be oppressed in reaction against their oppressors condemning their reaction, and continuing to oppress them. You are in essence an anti-imperialist, an unflinching critic of a nefarious…

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